So I am back. Two updates within a week’s time, I am stepping up my game. Since our last chat, God has been really working on my heart and I know a huge part is because of all your prayers. Thank you! I still can’t believe that I’ve been blessed with such an AMAZING support team.

As much as much God has been working in my heart the enemy is now throwing trick after trick at me and my team here in X-town. This past week my whole apartment has been lacking in the sleep department, most of us only getting a few hours of sleep a night. Sickness seems to be plaguing all of us. But that just means that God is up to something big here and it is amazing to be a part of it, even despite all the enemy’s tricks.

Now the cherry on top, my main mode of transportation, my bike, has been stolen. It might sound silly. You say, “Chichi, it’s just a bike.” But this bike gets me everywhere. I use it to meet my friends on campus. I use it to travel back and forth from church and other events. It is basically my 1996 Honda Accord, Asian version. It is a necessity here for me to get around. So I am writing to you all to ask if anyone would be willing to partner with me to get a new bike.