Hello! This is Eragon here, Saphira’s husband! Half of you know me well and the other half not as well… I hope to know all of you very well by writing to you semi-often.

Saphira and I just got back from a month-long support-raising trip where we got to spend quality time with some people we love (both old and new friends!). We saw God provide in awesome ways, and we got to share our vision for our ministry in Asia. It was very exciting for us because we both learned how to depend on God  more than our own works in a way that was especially challenging to us. The process wasn’t very exciting, but seeing God pull through in spite of the circumstances was a lesson that I hope we never forget. Even now, as new situations and circumstances are bound to come against us in the future, we have only begun to scratch the surface of becoming God-dependent in our daily living.

Saphira and I both have office responsibilities going forward here at HQ. Saphira will be helping with administrative tasks as well as continuing her studies in the language. I will be starting up my language studies, spending a significant chunk of time studying to become a better minister, and doing everything necessary to be ready to leave for Asia.