Happy February friends! I know it’s probably insanely cold there and now you are all now remembering why bears hibernate, but you are so close to spring. Just keep holding on.

I am getting ready to head to Malaysia, where we have a ministry wide conference for 10 days. I am getting so excited and I have been reflecting over these past 5 months…as I wrote that I am shocked that I have been here for 5 whole months. These months have been filled with crazy trips (get stuck in HK because of a tsunami), doing ministry with some amazing people, eating AMAZING food, and seeing so many come to understand the love of our God. God reminded me of how I asked you all to be praying for me that I would begin to thrive instead of just survive here. How I thought that I could never love another place as much as I loved my home. But over these months God has given me a burning heart for this nation and these people. I am no longer surviving but I can say that God has taught me how to thrive. He has given me strength when I was weak. He showed me grace when I couldn’t give it to myself.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing team! I am so blown away by the months I have had here. Every day God is teaching me so much about how to love my team, friends, roommates, and Him better. He is so faithful and when He calls you to something He never leaves us in the dust. I have seen how faithful He is through all the storms of life, never leaving my side but also stretching me. Never doubt our God. He is always working and moving through every situation of life.