Hello Friend! Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying the start of what I hope will be a wonderful summer, full of family, BBQs, cool air and summer time bliss! How are you doing? Is there anything I can be praying for you for?

I’m not sure if you are aware but I am returning to Asia to serve as a long-term worker! I have spent many months preparing for this decision and I know the best thing I can do with my twenties is to serve God in this capacity. I know, you’re probably thinking “This is crazy!” I know! I thought the same thing but sometimes the things God calls us to makes the least amount of sense to our human minds.

I know there is a deep need in Asia now, especially among the college students, for the truth. The truth of the Gospel. I saw many lives come to know Jesus but the truth us, I also many lives turn away from this truth. I am a broken person but God can use anybody, even me, to bring truth to a nation that so desperately needs it. I am excited to return and share more with more college students, all while being able to dive more into discipling this students into becoming burning ones for Christ.

For the next 6 months, I will be preparing myself to return to Asia by participating in an internship with CT, which will prepare me to support raise and be spiritually healthy prior to my launch back into Asia by January (God-willingly)! I am currently working on building my support team, a committed group of people who recognize this as an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in Asia, whether in prayer or finances! In my books, prayer = finances. Both are equally important!