Have you ever had a moment in your life where you were called to step up and the lies of failure, never being good enough, and wanting to give up invaded your thoughts? What if God was calling you to step up? Would you hesitate? We feel that the Jesus is calling some people today to step up for His Kingdom! To know that if He is for us, who could be against us?! We want to encourage you to step up, take the mantle, and take back this world for the Kingdom!

While Aladdin was away this past weekend in the Du, I decided to do an “immersion day” meaning I would only speak the native language for an entire day! During that day I met Jenny, and we decided to have lunch together the next day. I thought it would be another great opportunity to practice the native language, but instead I ended up sharing with Jenny. Guess what? Jenny got SAVED!! All glory to the God! Pray that I can continue to pour into her life.

This past weekend Aladdin got to go to the Du where some of our other friends work. He got to do a lot of insane things, including going to one of the most famous studios in the city, as well as getting really connected with the hip-hop community down there! It was an amazing experience, and he can’t wait to go back and try to start a church here in the X! Pray that Aladdin can continue to connect with people and build a foundation here for a hip-hop based CHURCH.

During Aladdin’s time in the Du, he got to meet a lot of new people. One of them was Eary. Eary had been poured into for years by another person in CT. One night, Aladdin decided to go to a studio where Eary was. As they got to talking, and Aladdin got to share with him, Eary decided right then and there that it was his time to be SAVED! During his time in the Du, Aladdin got to speak life over Eary, and he really felt that Eary had a call on his life to lead others to the God through music. Be praying that God would give opportunities to Eary!