Hope you all had a blessed and safe Christmas wherever you were and whoever with. Jesus shines so bright as we declare His birth, life, death, and resurrection for all mankind. As we sang, and resang, in English, then our new language here, so many of the wonderful songs, my 2012 favorite line was from one of the most famous of all – “Silent Night.” The line that hit me this year more than ever before is this: “… from the dawn of redeeming grace…”

Perhaps it’s because I’m in the midst of my own “grace conversion” (phrase from Derek Joseph Levendusky’s book, Discipleship by Grace) that I was drawn, this year, to meditate more on what this line expresses. The L0RD has been teaching me so much about His grace, why it is necessary, why we need revelation of it continuously, and why it is also crucial to our work in fulfilling the great commission.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…” (Ephesians 2: 5-8) Saving grace. Grace that doesn’t make sense. Grace so deep we cannot fathom. The riches of His grace. Let’s all take a minute to thank the Father of Grace for sending His only Son at the “dawn of redeeming grace.”


  • Many salvations recently (2 today!) and still believing for more second generation believers (new believers leading other Asian friends to Christ)
  • The ID ARTS event went beautifully!!! The visual art still hangs in the cafe where, on the 21st, we worshipped Jesus Christ through paintings, photographs, short films, and live music and dance. The show, entitled “Revelations of Creation” (from Romans 1:20) was packed with maybe 60-80 young Asians, and a few strategic “laowai” (foreigners), and the presence was strong. After the program sort of concluded, I walked into the middle room of the cafe and at every one of about 8 table were people either sharing the good news, prayin together, or talking about Christ! Full success! 😉
  • We have seen sunshine for 3 days in a row! before that it was a long time.


  • Focus and faith for all of us, especially new workers as they prepare new believers for a long break between semesters. We’re asking for many second generation groups to be going strong, and some third generation believers before we head to Thailand in a month or so.
  • Personally, there are some new things on the horizon. It seems as though God is leading me and several others to move to Ktown this coming summer, which would probably mean a few years there to reach the major U, as well as a new and greater role in leadership. This is really exciting for me, as He put this on my heart even before coming here this year! Please ask for His direction, for wisdom, peace and patience as this unfolds (for me and all of CT).
  • I’ve been experiencing a few pains in my body recently (back and feet), and would ask for healing.

PLEASE let me know how I can be lifting you up. I’m so blessed by each of you, and know He has such good plans for you this year, and today!