It amazes me how, in a country that is ridiculously huge, God can connect us with friends of friends of friends from thousands of miles away. For example:

A month or so ago I got a text message from an American worker that I’ve never met. He lives in the southeast part of the country, close to the coast. He knew one of our workers that used to live here in the city. One of his disciples was moving here to my city and he asked if I would be willing to meet with her. Two days later, she was here. 🙂

This girl is incredible! She got saved back in October. Since then she has been baptized and is so so so willing to learn and grow! Even though she lives an hour and a half away from where we are living, she faithfully comes down every Friday night to be a part of our church meeting. This girl is hungry!!!! On top of coming to our meeting, afterwards, she and I are going through our lessons that we share with new believers. This way she will be trained, equipped, confident, and competent to share all she knows with those that she sees join the family! This past week she set a goal to share with 5 of her unsaved family and friends. Please be praying for her!

This is just one of the many stories and testimonies about how God is crafting such a BEAUTIFUL movement here. His ways continue to amaze me! Thank you soooooo much for choosing to pray for this country and the college students that we are working with. These are the people that God is going to use to raise up a movement in this nation and beyond! Please continue to pray with me that the students we are working with would have a heart to go beyond the campus walls, into the city, to the villages, and then to the NATIONS!