First, a quick report on the latest adventure — it’s too good to not share with you!!!

So, the team we worked with from Texas was amazing! They were also specially chosen by God to impact this nation. Although we only had a day-and-a-half with them, they felt like old friends and family, with a spontaneous and sweet time of fellowship Monday happening night where the worship was deep and many powerful words spoken. Highlights of our time together were:

*2 female students on our new campus received life!!

**Four of us got to share about Jesus with a class of 50 students! This happened after a divine appointment where our two girls were lead to share with the teacher who was eating alone in the cafeteria. She said, “My class needs to hear this…”

***Many others heard about True Love for the first time and the team members’ lives were impacted greatly – at least one girl has a calling to come serve in Asia!

Glory to God!

Now, a bit about what’s up ahead for me ~

When Jesus said, “Follow me.” to his disciples, He didn’t tell them many details, huh?! Not where they were to go, who else was going, how to prepare, or ANYTHING really! He simply asked them to follow in faith. I always find this challenging and inspiring…

As you know, He has led me to change cities once again. It has been on my heart to go for years now, but His timing has always been for right now. In so many ways, He has prepared the way for us to go and take the one Top 100 U in the city. We’re believing for a HUGE harvest there! I will move there in a month or so to join a young couple already living there who will be on my team, and the rest of the team will join us in late August. Please ask for wisdom in where the team will live and study.

***I am thinking about starting a business – more on this soon!

**The short-term teams to arrive tonight and tomorrow night – please be praying for this.

*Please also be praying for Brave, who has vision to start a church on his campus! We will be partnering with him in this…

Love you all and am giving thanks for you. May He give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Christ (Eph 1).