In 1806 in Massachusetts, 5 college students gathered to talk and pray about the state of missions work. A thunderstorm struck, and they took shelter under a haystack while continuing to pray. Something divine and literally world-changing was birthed in those moments. It went down in history as the Haystack Prayer Meeting, and it was, in essence, the beginning of the modern American missions movement, which has since sent out over 5000 missionaries to several continents!!

This year, we have what seems like a golden opportunity to see something similar here in K-town. We have around 5 students or recent graduates who are interested in joining us in a full-time internship we are implementing. We plan to give them a much more intensive and structured training experience including Bible courses (knowledge), evangelism & church planting (practical skills), and prayer & worship (heart). This will prepare them to be launched out into whatever calling and plans God has for their lives. We believe these 5, too, will change the world as they inspire many to give their all to Him who gave His all for us!