“A Light has come into the world…”

If you’re like me, you have often marveled at Jesus’ leaving His rightful throne, His perfect harmonious existence with the Trinity, and the fullness of His glory to come into this dark, dirty, corrupt, rebellious, “wicked” world. Not only that but He came at a time when there were no hot-water showers, no cars, no ice cream, no electricity, no “smart” phones (or stupid ones for that matter, where you have to guide the dial all the way around with your finger, haha, yeah I was born in the 70s;). This all begs the question “WHY”?!?

Why did the Word, the absolute Truth, the Creator of the universe “become flesh?”


I believe He saw something – something worth loving, something worth chasing after, yes, even something worth dying for.  IT WAS YOU!!!


May all men see Him for who He truly is this Christmas.