Lala and I have been here for 3 months already and I don’t really miss Mexican food yet. However, there are nights in which I dream I am eating tacos nonstop – more a nightmare than a dream because I can’t go get any.

As days go by I feel how I fall for this country even when there are things I don’t like; God is teaching me how to love. He’s been teaching me to love his presence, to love this people, to love my family, to love my friends, to love Mexico and to love the little things like laughter and smiling.

What I have to tell you today aren’t only the good things but also the ugly things that have happened to us:

-Last week we started daily prayer meetings in our house, one-hour prayer meetings, meetings that we believe someday will become  a 24/7 House of Prayer.

-Last week while we were sharing on campus, our bikes were stolen – both bikes. YES! They were locked to a pole and attached one to another. When we noticed this had happened, we did nothing but praised God and laughed. Now I have to walk everywhere and sometimes take the bus. I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy another bike; I’ll have to save up to get a new one. Praise God!

-Last weekend we had to cross the border to renew our visas, and on our way back we lost our flight. It was pretty stressing. YES! We had to pay extra money and be in the airport for a long long time.

-When we were flying back home, I got sick. Lala and I got really scared. Right now I am going through the recovering process and as a partner-team, we are trying to get over this emotionally stressful week. We have to remember God’s promises and stick to them.

-Even when we had a couple of really hard weeks, this past Thursday I met Rose. While talking about life, I shared about Jesus, she decided to believe! She said she felt I was the reason she had the urge to go for a walk in that side of campus when she never goes there. God-incidence!?

On Friday we shared with our friend Dany and she became a sister too!