“Z Yang, is the best disciple I have found in 8 years here. We feel he is better off being trained by you and being a part of your church.”

I could hardly believe my ears! The middle-aged Korean man talked as his wife sat by silently, all three of us on little stone stools in a park area of our universitie’s medical campus. Z Yang, who I named Brave after our first meeting, was lead to us by divine appointment as he obeyed God, going “fishing” down at the new campus. He ran into one of our attenders, who told him about us. He came to our group that Saturday, about a month ago, liked what he saw, and told us that day that he wanted to “make disciples” and for the Lord to “build His church on me like He did with Peter.” Yeah, this is a true story. Can anyone say Super Disciple?!?!

Brave is a gifted young man working on his master’s, and he has become our good friend and brother. Last night I went out with him, his roommate, our bro Stephen, and shared with two of their classmates. This was an unusual feeling, as it is usually one or two of us sharing with several unbelievers. Even as we approached the table in the nearly empty cafeteria, we passed a table with 3 or 4 other students, and Stephen gave one of them a little nudge and said, motioning towards us, “They’re Christians.” I get the sense that the tide is turning here, especially among the younger generation. The things they say as you share with them are not the same as they were even a few years ago. . . . our work, and the work of many others, is impacting this nation!

The harvest is indeed ripe, and we will continue to reap as He allows.


***I finally got to do worship art at HY’s party – it was amazing! The picture God gave me about Hebrews 4:12 he also gave the pastor’s wife that day! They will be a model for many churches here. . .


*Please keep asking for more workers, especially Asin partners. We have 19 new laborers signed up for the coming year. . . . we’re believing for 30 or so.

*For Brave and Lion to grow in their relationship with Christ, and their leadership capabilities.

*For our GSP (good soil peeps) meeting on the 18th. This should be off the hook! These are the best of the best from this years new believers.

*Our first-year workers are headed home tomorrow! We will miss them, but they all are moving on to amazing things – several are coming back with CT!!!