MiniCamp 2013

Last month, 19 young adults from all over the USA converged on Lima, NY for one of my favorite events… MiniCamp! This is their first step of preparation to spend a school year with Campus Target in Asia. It was a powerful weekend connecting them with Campus Target’s vision, training them how to raise support this summer, interacting with Asian students and forming relationships as a new team.

One of the most special things for me was the way God touched their hearts over the weekend. Many of them experienced breakthrough from their fears of support raising, and had their hearts broken for Asia. Here are a few testimonies in their own words:

God broke my heart for Asia long before going to MiniCamp, but He shattered my heart for Asia and now I know why He chose to send me.

I had been putting God in a box, without even realizing it. At MiniCamp, God showed up–in ways that I had been asking Him to, but not believing that He would. I grew with God more than I ever had this past weekend, and I want to say a genuine “thank you” for helping me do that. I connected more with God on a personal level than I ever had before, and will continue to be on this level with Him now.

This weekend completely changed my perspective on support raising. Before, I thought of it as begging, and I was completely dreading it. Now, I understand that changing lives overseas is a team effort. Not everyone is called to go to Asia, but everyone is called to take part in the Great Commission, and financial support is one way people can pour into foreign missions.

Coming into the weekend, I was a little unsure of how connected I would feel to the whole experience–simply because I have never been a part of anything like this. By the end of the weekend, my heart was yearning for Asia. It always will be now.

Debrief 2013

This Friday, May 17th we will welcome home our 2012-2013 team of first year workers! We’ll spend a weekend together at a nearby camp as we honor them, help them process their time in Asia, celebrate together all that God has done this year, and coach them in their next steps to help them make a smooth transition back after spending 9 months in a foreign culture. It’s been a life-changing year for them personally, as well as hundreds of Asian students! Will you pray for safe travels home and a smooth transition for our team?

Thank you for your prayers. Many lives are being transformed, both here and in Asia!