It was so awesome to be in the city where it all started for CT last week to celebrate our 10th! Here are some numbers to help you understand just what we’re part of so we can praise Him together:

2005 – Godd put it on the hearts of two new college graduates to come to Asia’s campuses for a year…

200 – The number of workers CT has sent here for at least one year.

500-1000 – The number of decisions for Christ by Asian college students through our ministry.

8 – Number of years I have now served on the campuses here (I’ve lived 79 months, or about 2,370 days on Asian soil, and so thankful for every single one!)

1 – Worthy King of Kings, whom all this is for!!!

As the stories were told, tears rolled down cheeks, and honors were given, we just kept coming back to one main theme: “Our foolishness, and God’s faithfulness.”

Wow, we really could have done none of this apart from Jesus, and nothing lasting will be done in the future except by Him moving in power. Let’s all keep praying, giving, and sending!

John 17 is one of my favorite scriptures, where HE lifts us up to the Father, saying, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” Though we are in summer vacation now, things are still happening through our sent ones:

Things to pray for:

– CLIMBING is at his hometown building a library for the locals, especially kids, who have none (we’ve been able to collect some “good literature” to put in it. Next week, he will travel up to the mountains for a few weeks to continue to disciple minority believers from this past semester!

– LIBERTY is at her home now continuing to witness to her family. If you remember, her grandma received Jesus Christ this year, but there is still much work to be done there as her parents and others have strongly opposed her faith.

– LUCY & SIMON are working jobs in the city, and hope to plant something new on the old campus, but their time and energy is low. Please lift them up for future direction (they have started talking about marriage) and for boldness and love.

– TERRY passed her grad. school entrance exams and will be back this fall…..woohoo!

– EDWARD has been accepted into the military. He believes that’s where the Lord is leading him, but he will obviously need tons of prayers. Please ask for a bro for him to walk with within his unit.

– YU is back in her hometown – a minority people group region, and in hoping to lead her family and friends into relationship with the Savior!

Lastly, praise God that Julia has moved here to KM and got to join in all the festivities last week! Please be lifting her up for extra grace during this difficult transition. Wedding and travel plans are going well…. more about this in the next edition, which will be our first update together!