As I (Beyonce) sat in a café, right across from a new friend named Merci, she began to open up and share her heart. She had given her life to Jesus a few years ago but since that time had walked away. Merci said with tears in her eyes, “I’ve made so many mistakes and hurt so many people. Beyonce, you have so much joy in your life. How can that be?”

I was waiting for those words our entire trip! I leaned across the table and once again told Merci the beautiful message of the gospel and how God never gives up on us. The story that came to mind was from Matthew 6, about how God cares about our lives so intimately. In that moment Merci encountered the grace of God. Merci rededicated her life to following Jesus shortly after. It was an awesome experience!

We just finished leading the short term trip of 5 awesome adults! Every single person on the team was amazed at the simple sweetness of the gospel. Many students we shared with had never heard the story of Jesus. The team was completely changed and challenged to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus wherever they go.

Right now Jay-Z and I are catching our breath as we are preparing to launch into the second half of our trip. These next 2 weeks will be filled with Campus Target’s 10 year anniversary celebrations, teachings, trainings, and a one-day marriage retreat.