Weldon stood confidently at the front of the room :

“A month ago, I thought I was just another Christian, I didn’t think there was any way that God could use me. But now I believe that God has called me, he planned for me to graduate and return to my Muslim region of Asia, and He wants to use me to plant a church there!”

Last weekend, I was honored to be a part of CT’s first ever Senior Launch. This event was planned and held especially for graduating seniors who are leaving their universities to go live and work in other places where God has called them. I traveled up with Climbing and Simon, and we joined 6 other locals and a few CTers for this awesome time of worship, equipping, and launching out. We believe that each believer is called to multiply His love and truth, just like dandelion spores blown by His wind !

Pray for Lili, Grace, Zhu, Jing, Climbing and Simon….may they all exhibit the faith that Weldon has been filled with! May Father protect and provide for them miraculously.

Pray for our church here in KM. So much transition is happening right now, we really don’t know what will be here in the fall, but we KNOW He has a plan to establish things further. May the roots of this young plant grow deep and strong!

Praise God because Seven is doing really well in his new life as a follower… he’s experiencing the presence of HS, the power of prayer, and has already found a love for the Word, reading up to Galatians! In a few days, he will be less busy and will start coming to more activities. May He have faith and boldness to share the Great Treasure he’s found!