Did you know there are over 16,000 Biblically-defined people groups in our world today? Did you know that 40% of them are still “unreached” with the Gospel that happened 2,000 years ago?? Just in the Asian country where we live, there are over 500 unique peoples and 80% are unreached. (*Unreached is defined by the Joshua Project as “less than or equal to 2% Evangelical Christian and less than or equal to 5% Professing Christians”)

Wow! Praise Him for creating so many beautiful peoples! And, praise Him for His extravagant, unfailing love for each and every one. He has been giving us His love and vision for one group in particular — the STs.

Thank you for lifting up our recent trip to the NW. We were able to not only go to the spectacular mountain plateau where they live, but also able to have a small wedding celebration in a village where no foreigners have ever been! On the way to that village we were stopped by the local authorities and told we couldn’t go there, but after we engaged the Holy Spirit (who is very persuasive when He wants to be haha) they made an exception and let us through.

We made some key connections and learned much valuable information to help us as we continue taking steps toward the finishing of the Great Commission and seeing this beautiful nation come to take their place before His throne. We were able to meet with a local business consultant and discuss potential business endeavors for this “creative access” area. We are working on a proposal now and need wisdom as we move forward. Please be praying for us to have continued direction and open doors among the STs.