We were standing about 500 feet below sea level, the third lowest place on earth, gazing at the canals – an irrigation system that is a wonder of the ancient world. This place, in the northwest of Asia, is also the land of raisins, with large brick grape-drying houses everywhere, but mostly it is a land in need of a King. That is what Matt and I were there for. We are ambassadors of another country (not America;) called to prepare the way! That is what Josh* and his family of seven have given up a “normal” life to do… They had been kicked out of one city in that province, and are seeking a place of peace to open cafe. We think we found one!

Even though God told me to go only the day before I flew, the trip was arranged even better than I could have planned it! Thank you for covering me with your prayers. My only night in the capital city just happened to be
the night everyone there interested in the people group in the nation I want to work with in the future got together for prayer and discussion. It is usually held on a different night of the week, but that week it was
one of the kids birthdays, so the meeting was postponed – perfect! There is definitely a sense that God, in His great love for the people group, is stirring something up below the surface that is about to break out among these
people. May all 50,000 come to know Him as Lord and Savior!

Another highlight was getting to lay hands on a local taxi driver and speak words of Life over him with Josh translating to the local language.

Please pray for Josh’s family for clear vision and favor in the NW. There are only a handful of foreigners allowed to have business visas for that area, and their target people group is over 10 million!

After almost three years of living where I am, I finally found a way up the highest mountain in the area. I worshiped from the top, and left them a little present – the page out of the little green Gideon’s I’ve been carrying for years with the language’s translation of John 3:16. 😉 May His salvation flow down into all the surrounding lands!

One of our local sisters (Liberty’s good friend from a small minority group who is studying medicine) has been facing lots of attack, which may be the result of her being dedicated at Buddhist temples when she was young. She had missed out on several opportunities for being baptized, but last Sunday, made the decision firmly in her heart and was spontaneously baptized at our girls apartment! Please ask that she would experience
complete freedom and ALL the fruits of the Holy Spirit!

To the ends of the earth!!!


*Name changed for security reasons