I will never forget the day I met Luna. It was my first year in Asia while I was studying abroad and I had been so desperately asking God for good friends. Attending a going away party for a mutual friend, I met Luna. Sitting on my bed, she turned to me and suddenly blurted out, “I’m also a Christian!” And that’s where it all started. Luna became my best Asian friend and sister!

Over the following years, I’ve had the opportunity to disciple her and help her walk out her relationship with God. And in the times that I’ve been in the States, I got her connected with others who were able to also help her grow in her relationship with God and challenge her in many ways.

About a year ago, I actually visited Luna and stayed with her for a week. During that time I was sharing with her about everything God has been doing here in my city. She then asked me a question that caught me by surprise… “Do you think I should go to Bible school?” That question led to her then applying for Bible school in the states. As we speak, she is now attending EBI, just minutes away from my home! Crazy, right?

I know Dad has big plans for her and that He’s going to use her really powerfully! She has worked hard to battle language barriers and cultural differences to be studying there at EBI. And I believe God is going to move really powerfully through Luna, and that this year of equipping is going to be essential to her next stages in life!

That All May Know Him,