The young intelligent looking guy walked past me while I sat alone in the cafe and said, “Hello” in English. I usually don’t speak English with Asian folks, but hearing that his was pretty good, I entertained him by replying in kind. Turns out he is an English teacher. But the reason God brought us together today was not so he could hear some beautiful spoken English, haha, but was so he could here the “words of life” that are beautiful in every language.

We were in Picasso Cafe, where I was doing a 1×1 meeting with the boss, who had to step out temporarily. The new guy, coincidentally named Peter, noticed the Bibles and asked about them. I smiled and began to tell him about God. But today was going to be even more special, because it was not just going to be me, a cool American, telling another Asian student about Christ, but as Sam the boss returned, it became a perfect opportunity for him to learn. This is ideal. This is what we long for because this is what needs to happen. Asian people being MAWLed (Model, Assist, Watch, and Leave) for sharing, prayer/worship, training others, etc, until they are confident and competent in living out their faith. So Sam and I tag-teamed it, sharing the whole gospel and adding in some personal testimonies. It was glorious! It was Peter’s first time hearing, and he does not believe just yet, but we prayed over him and I would ask for your continued prayers as he is probably going to come to this Friday’s group.

This is just the latest in an amazing month. I have stepped into my new more specialized role as leader, and I am loving it. I get to run around meeting people, sharing with people, connecting individuals and groups, starting new groups (actually church plants!), training up new leaders for CT, and more. God has given me great energy and excitement recently, and I thank you for lifting me up continually.

We are getting a greater sense of what God is doing in this place, raising up many locals to partner with us in the work. Let me share two quick examples:

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a few friends and afterwards we were standing on the street talking/praying, and someone suggested we take a pic. So we stopped the first passers-by, a young couple. After the pic, they were walking away, and I yelled after them, “Shangdi zhufu nimen!” (God bless you) They turned instantly and the guy, in a bit of shock, says, “You’re Christians too!?” Talking excitedly with them, we find out his name is Charles (after Charles Spurgeon) and he is not only a Christian, but a full-time worker on an Asian campus. The girl with him was also a believer and is just getting started in Christian counseling – amazing!

Then, a few nights ago, I locked my bike to a tree and went to buy a few things. When I came back, there was one guy sitting on a bench really close to my bike. I had looked at him when I went into the store, thinking, “he better not try to steal my bike!” haha, but when I said hi to him, he looked curiously at me. God told me to talk to him a little more. He told me his name was the characters for heaven and grace, and so I, surmising, said, “Aha, you must be a brother.” Again, not only a bro, but a worker who lives inside our campus and said they have vision to reach a specific minority group with the Good News!!! What?! This is Asia?!

Yes, my friends, this is Asia.

This is what the Lord of the Nations is doing here. All glory to him forever and ever. . .