As I write this: I’m sitting on our couch, with my drink on our tray table and looking at decorations around the house. It’s hard to believe it, but we are mostly settled in.

This past month has been a whirlwind of moving out of Asia, being in Thailand for almost a month, and then a transition back here in the States. Even though things have been moving fast, we have felt overwhelmed by the grace of God during this time. Also family, friends helping in all sorts of ways. Thank you for your help and prayers!

Our mornings during the week usually consist of Skype calls into Asia, and afternoons and evenings have been great to get our work done and prep for our new role.

Someone prayed for us in Thailand that we would be ‘covered by God’s grace’ in our transition and no jet-lag/easy adjustment. This month has been nothing less than that. Honestly, we did not have any jet-lag, nor are we feeling any sort of clash with American culture. Please continue to pray for us during these next months in this area!

Here’s to a new season!