I hope you are all well, standing firm on our Rock, who is Christ, and the only unchanging, unfading, eternally perfect One. He makes the greatest mountain seem small, the greatest beauty look dull. I’m so blessed to know my Lord in this way as things around me (and all of us) seemingly swirl around in a fallen, chaotic state. His Spirit alone brings understanding, and even when we lack understanding, He bestows faith, strength, and peace to trust Him and His unfailing love. Romans 8:18-21 brought me much joy today, and I hope it will for you as well to know that the very things we are subjected to are by His sovereign choice for the purpose of “liberating us from the bondage of decay and bringing us into the glorious freedom of the children of God.”

I humbly ask for your prayers at this time for the following:

***A unique opportunity to take over a consulting company in K-town has opened up. This is the very city I have been lead to consider for a home when I return to Asia in August. This is a great open door, yet to walk through it I would need a strong and direct word from the Lord, financial provision, and possibly a change of plans. The great benefit would be having a working visa for years. Please ask that I, and everyone involved, would be hearing His voice clearly.

***At the same time, I have received word from our CT leadership that they have been sensing that I should go to C-town when I return. This would be for an indefinite time, allowing me to finish up language study as well as help with that city’s leadership and free up our in-country leader to help plant a work in a new Asian city! I have also made some very meaningful connections in C-town relating to the ID Arts Alliance vision. . .

***Financial provision to come forth — I need to raise another $800/month in support before returning to the field. “Where He guides, He provides!”

***My brother Josh’s healing. Please lift up his amazing wife Sarah and beautiful new baby boy Solomon as well.

May we all rejoice in ALL things, as He has instructed. Please let me know how I can be praying for you.

He is with you,