Before Knight and I go to meet with friends, we normally pray together for the meeting. On this specific occasion, Knight prayed that the students we met would be able to speak English. This is important for later

Now picture Knight and I in a cafeteria, with students sitting everywhere. Knight and I look around trying to decide whom to sit next to. We see two guys who still have a bit of food left, and decide to try it.

After talking for a little bit and finding out about each other (not in English), they explained that they had to go, and suddenly got up and left. We did not get a chance to get their numbers or anything. A new group of people sat down next to us fairly soon after, and we started talking with them as well (again, not in English).

The conversation was fun, and we seemed to be clicking. Knight mentioned that we should hang out after everyone finished eating. However, when they finished, they told us they had class and could not hang out. Again, we did not get their phone numbers or any contact info before they left.

At this point, I was starting to get a little discouraged. We had already spent a while there (the campus we went to was a bit farther away than the usual one we go to), were unable to share the good news so far, and had failed to get anyone’s phone number so that we could share in the future. Discouraged.

We had both finished our food, but I wasn’t in a particular hurry to move or go anywhere, so I suggested we just sit there and wait for another wave of people to come.

A tall student named Allen sat down two seats away who looked like he came from the north, and I asked him if that was the case. He was surprised that we could tell and slid over to sit next to us. As it turns out, he spoke excellent English!

We chatted with him for a long time, and after he finished eating, we all went back to his dorm room. Once there, we met his three other roommates, who also all spoke decent English, and continued talking. After some time had passed, Jesus came up, and Allen said that he wanted to believe, but didn’t know anything about it. Wow. Talk about prepared.

So, in his little dorm room, we shared about Jesus with him and all of his roommates. They all asked questions and were generally interested. However, that night, none of them believed.


I am amazed at how the night turned out. I totally believe God wanted us to meet Allen and talk to him that night, and He set it up just right. Just at the moment when I had given up on myself and my efforts, the Lord revealed who our assignment was that night. So amazing, His timing and plans are so perfect.