“Happy Thanksgiving” in the language we’re studying carries the meaning “to be moved to give thanks for kindness, favor, or grace.” I am definitely in a place of joyous thanksgiving this year as I realize more and more the depths of our Father’s love, a love that doesn’t depend on what I do, say, or feel, but on His viewing me as a beloved son who is continuously being sanctified and made like Jesus, the spotless Lamb (how’s that for a Pauline run-on?! getting harder and harder to write in English; ))

   As I look around at all the thousands upon thousands I pass every day who don’t YET know God’s love through Christ, how could I not nearly burst with joy at being chosen? As Jesus said to His discip1es, don’t rejoice over anything you see or are able to do here on earth so much as the fact that “your names are written in the book of life.” Wow!

   When I consider what I have to look forward to in His promises, it makes my love for God overflow to, as Piper writes, “gladly meet the needs of others.” We’re definitely going to feast today on our two turkey legs, chicken and goose, sweet potatoe pie, green bean casserole, and more, but we’re also looking for ways we can be a blessing to some Asian people and show them that “greater is he who serves.” Would you ask and believe with us for some great opportunities? I’ll be doing the same for you. . .

     *The Lord’s at work on our campus – much to tell soon!  I’m SO thankful for each one of you and couldn’t do this without you!

Have a wonderful day.

His best always,