Its been crazy here! Yep! Crazy! God has spoken a very clear word to use here. Over and over again. Miracles! So… our friend that has been introduced to the family and has really been taking off!  He is the green light!

 Dublin and I went to our first Asian family house for dinner! It ended up being a teahouse, which the people we met, knew God! One man spoke to our friend and it was great. He told of things we had taught our friend. This man also looked at Dublin and
I and said look at Acts 5:12. We really felt the spirit and much was learned. We know now that God has an ongoing word He wants to
see fulfilled. I have grown a lot in my time here. A lot of structure, many ways I once did things have now changed. I know
it’s not me saving people but it is God! I know I can do all I can but He does the rest.
For our last Bible Study our friend came and we talked about having the heart of God. He knew God as three, but he didn’t know the access he has to the Holy Spirit. So we asked do you want him? He said yes. We told him to ask the Holy Spirit  to come into him. It was silent for about 10 mins while he prayed to God. Then we layed hands on him and prayed in the Spirit.  Afterwards you could see the countenance on his face changed and He said he felt good. Then we had him write down friends who didn’t know God and He prayed for one he wrote down.

God has been revealing a simple principle. “Teach them about Him and He will do the rest”. I believe sometimes we are not as
effective in ministry because we rely on our structure instead of letting God do his thing. I know now that I must be sensitive to
His voice. I’m grateful to see the work He has been doing here.

I get frequent words from God and I feel from my heart that from now on, I will share them with you to update you and give you
things to think about. For this month I feel God saying “if you sow bountifully you will reap bountifully”. God’s put on my heart to do
more and to expect more. To sow, meaning to pray for my friends more. To talk about Jessus  with them more. I want to ask for the
greatest and big things. I’m here setting the atmosphere for revival  so I want it to be the best and let God do the most.
Please pray for bigs things to happen.