Hey Family!

   I felt a small hand on my back but didn’t move. I was on the ground, completely captivated by the Lord’s presence while worshipping at the International Fellowship here in K-twon. I didn’t need to look. I didn’t want to move. All I could do was something between laughing and crying as Heidi Baker, who was the guest speaker this week, asked the children to lay hands on us “big kids” and pray for us. It was truly one of the most powerful experiences in my life, and I hope every one of you is b1essed with opportunities to drink in this way, simply and purely, of His strong love.

   Heidi’s husband Rolland has roots in K-town, but they have worked for many years and have an awesome ministry in Mozambique, Africa, where they have seen around 2000 churches planted! Maybe you’ve heard of them, but if not, I recommend looking them up at irismin.org

She is an anointed speaker who shares straight from her heart (and not her PhD level theological education;) with humility and great joy.

   Through our recent leadership meetings, our current internship training involving Asian history as well as TM/CT history, and this morning being in the midst of many who have answered the call to come to this nation, my eyes have been lifted up again to the big, really BIG, beautiful picture of what our God is doing here and around the world. I’m believing that the Lord is beyond capable of raising up 2000 churches through us here in Asia – will you stand and believe with me? The need is great. Will you ask with me? Our words will not fall on deaf ears or return void…….

Faithfully yours,