Life here in Asia is almost back to a schedule. It has been crazy….but I love it! So… coming back into Asia is like going to a
Disney world in a warzone! It is festival time and fireworks are going off everywhere all the time! Even now as I write this
there is chaos!! hahaha I’ve gotten a chance to partake in some of the fire hazard fun festivities. For this holiday, all the students
go home to their families! I got to go to my Asian friends’ hometown!

I was there for three days. I’m blessed by God to say these 3 days have been such a beautiful and effective experience. We had a lot
of close time with our friend Kyle, to pour into him and talk about what God has for him next! Kyle was tearing up the whole time we
talked to him. The Lord pressed on our hearts to tell him how much he means to God and how important his life is to the Kingdom. Kyle said that before he met us his life felt simple and now he knows the calling on his life! Its was a really powerful moment for us
all. Great news, Kyle has already committed to an Missions trip for this summer.

Kyle lives in the mountains! His city was amazing and we got to climb all the way to the top of a mountain and shoot off fireworks!
We got to see his old high school, meet his teachers, eat 3 times a day with his whole family and ride on motorcycles! None of his
family knows God..but they will, please pray for them. The most effective way to reach Asians is by their own language! “You
can make a Asian friend with English, but you can make a disciple with their heart language”. My language training is getting a lot better. Every day I spend in Asia is another day of me waking up and knowing I need to learn this language. I will learn the language, to read it, write it and speak it. I looked at my calendar today… only a few months left.Time has flown by, but I’m grateful for every second of it!