First, I want to praise the Lord for what He’s done already since we came to H-town. We have great friends, we know many local believers here, have experienced immense personal spiritual growth, and are continuing to build a foundation for what God wants to do through CT here – all this while hitting the books full-time and becoming more and more Asian!

  We have begun our second semester of study here, and it’s been exciting getting together with our friends from the fall. Freefall (who I’ll be starting the arts club with) ran up and hugged me saying, “I missed you!”  Last night, Amilah and I had dinner with JingWen (the girl who has been tutoring us for free and who we named Lydia) and her boyfriend WeiNan. It was a really fun meeting where God said “just go and show them My love and joy, don’t worry about what you’ll say.” Neither of them are believers now, but things seem promising…  They treated us to Korean food, which is where the prayer request comes in.

  One of the dishes did not agree with our stomachs, and mine feels like its in knots right now, but otherwise I feel OK. Amilah had it worse, throwing up all night. I feel maybe I’m being spared this time because this is my fourth separate time being sick in the last month or so. Please ask Him to grace us all with health during these next months so that we will not be kept back from doing anything He has planned – which is LOTS!

   The good news is that no matter what shape our physical bodies are in, He is with us, teaching us and growing us closer to Himself through our small share in His suffering. We can also continually be engaged as great warriors in THE great batt1e through our prayers. Remember, He said “It is finished,” so we are always fighting FROM a place of victory, not FOR it.

Thank you all. L0VE in Christ,