Thank you all so much for your prayers, not so much for us, but for the situation and for those majorly affected by the earthquake.

For many, the quake brought back memories of the 2008 7.9 earthquake where tens of thousands were killed and untold damage done. Even as I type this, I am weeping for the one student from the new campus where we work who was so gripped with fear that he jumped out of his dorm building and died from the fall. All I can think is, “I hope he had heard about Jesus.”

On a more positive note, we were able to address it with our group, and several students DID hear about the Way, the Truth, and the Life for the first time yesterday.

Also, our Asian sister Helen, who is our first Asian CTer and with whom I’ve been working to train up recently, immediately after the quake grabbed her Bible and headed outside, where there was much frantic activity. Remember, at this point, no one knows if it’s over or not. With God’s love and grace, Helen was able to work in the midst of the situation and lead a women to Christ. The awesome thing is, this was the mother of a two-year old girl that another of our sisters who lives in the building had been burdened for ever since moving here last August! Yet she knew she would never be able to personally communicate the gospel to this young girl – but in God’s mysterious and glorious ways, now she will be raised by a believing mother (kind of like Alex, who recently “found his home” in our fellowship!).

We made it to K-town and connected with a couple who will be on my team next year, and we are looking forward to a few days of worship and prayer before I fly down to another city for a couple days.