As I sat there across from the grandparents holding their two grandsons as they shared some of their amazing story in front of the video camera, I felt like I was in one of the documentaries I’ve seen about Christianity in Asia! Although the accent is different than I’m used to, I could understand most of what the elderly man was saying, and gave an occasional nod or “Amen,” then he would look at me and keep talking. This couple was won to the Lord during some intense times of persecution here, yet their 5 children all follow Jesus and the young grandchildren will no doubt do the same (God told me that one of them would be a pastor and lead many, which I shared with them ;)). It was so encouraging to think that every single one we lead Home represents future generations in more than one way!

Thank you for your prayers – I had an amazing trip and all that was on my heart was accomplished and then some! I love the fact that wherever we believers may go, there is always family there who will welcome you, love on you, who you can share laughs and meals with, and feel so close because we have all been baptized into One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith, One God (Eph. 4:5). I have been blessed to experience this fellowship in many different countries and cultures, but this past week was a highlight with a team from America & England, staying as a guest at a South African couple’s house, and coming together with some Dai people. Every tribe, tongue and nation!!!

Speaking of baptism, we will have 4 or 5 friends going swimming for new life this Friday – please be lifting them and this event up! (Pandy, Fergie, Lingling, YQing)

Praise God who is giving us good soil people who are becoming leaders in our groups! (Brave, Lion, Tonya, Luna, Dora, Anna, Maddie, Alex, P Rui, and more 😉 )

So much more to tell. . . . I’ll write again soon.