Praise the good Lord! Ive got my one-way ticket to C-Town, and I will be leaving from NY on the 15th of August. I’m so excited to go “home” and get back to work! Though this season back in the states has been extremely blessed and fruitful in terms of family/supporter time, new relationships, rest, growth in the word, and preparation for going back long-term, it is time to take this leap of faith toward my life and career in Asia — something that has already happened in my heart. What an honor to be called!

What an honor to be sent! Something that has struck me recently as I watch the Olympics in awe of what the human body is capable of, is how we truly are part of a spiritual body with many various members playing many various parts. Yet, when we work together in spiritual health, humility, and harmony, and of course under the flawless direction of the Head (Who is Christ), we the church also are capable of extraordinary feats. In fact, you have already been a part of that in helping to send me overseas that thousands and millions would come to know Life!

So, next time you are watching the flipping, flying, throwing, jumping, peddling, or swimming, and find yourself amazed by what you just saw, I ask you to seek God about what He wants you, your family, your congregation, as part of His great body, to be doing so that the world would see and fall down in worship of the Glorious One!

What does it look like for us to break world records? To score perfect 10’s?

We can and shall accomplish this!!!

Please pray for the rest of my travel from CA to MT, then to NY. Also for CT’s August training and the new white-belt workers who are giving a year (at least ;)) of their lives to serve in Cland. Prepare the way for us Father as we prepare the way for our King’s return!