It’s been too long! The good news is that this means we are nearing the time when I will again depart for Asia. I am really excited to get back to my beloved Asian friends and to work shoulder to shoulder with so many amazing disciples of Christ. In fact, it’s just about 40 days until this year’s white-belts (18 new workers) and several more brown-belts (long-term workers like myself) will fly . . . hmmmm, that’s a good period for some preparation in the Spirit, right?!

Please pray that I would be obedient to our Lord during this time – I know He has things He would like to do in me because the vision He’s given me and CT are HUGE, and I don’t feel I’m surrendered enough for Him to accomplish all that He would through me. We heard a great sermon yesterday entitled “Busting at the Dreams.” The focus was on how we need to take many small, difficult, and not so glorious, steps if we want to realize the end vision, or even something better! (Eph. 3:20). I pray that we all would be obedient in taking these steps, and in this, truly see His kingdom, where everything functions in perfect obedience to the King, come. Each time you obey, you bring the kingdom to earth. Let’s do this because we love our Savior, and He is worthy of all honor and praise! Therein, also, lies true blessing for you and I.

*10 people in my family are together for the first time ever! We’re creating many blessed memories. 😉
**The Lord continues to provide for me to return to Asia long-term! I’m past the minimum amount of monthly support needed, and am expecting more to be coming in.
***My back has been feeling really good recently — completed a strenuous mountain hike with my brothers on Saturday, and have been able to pick up my nieces and nephew!

*Safe travels the rest of this month and early August, when I’ll head out the NY to help lead the training there before flying out.
**Plane tickets and visas are needed for all of us who are returning in August.
***The seed that has gone forth and is going forth in Asia — that it would fall on good soil and multiply.

Love in Christ,