“When the Holy Spirit first fell at Pentecost almost 2000 years ago, they saw flames of fire over each other. John the Baptist said Jesus Christ would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire. The fire of God is like a refiner’s fire, purifying our souls until the image of our Maker is all that’s left. It also gives us “power to be [His] witnesses’ and to love Him with all we are and each other with a ‘fervent (i.e. boiling hot) charity’ love.”


Many of us have experienced this personally. Most of us want our lives to look more like that of the early disciples…

I am rejoicing today to tell you that our 1-year-old-in-the-LORD bro Climbing has literally caught fire! Here’s what I’m talking about. I met with him yesterday to talk about this year, big picture, and what he feels he’s called to. I told him to list out all the things he would like to accomplish this year, and his page read as follows:

1) Memorize the book of Matthew and some of the Proverbs.

2) Write a revolutionary book on why Asia needs the gospel.

3) Copy out the Psalms and Mark.

4) Go to America to study the Word and English.

5) Become conversational in English

6) Read the entire Old Testament

7) Lead several people to God and start training them.

8) Start a church in his hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Most of this is coming directly from God’s anointing, and it’s amazing to see. His eyes have been opened and his heart burdened for his nation. All glory to the King for doing this! He will need your prayers. . .

*Please pray for me for wisdom to disciple this world-changer.


++I got the job! I will be teaching English one or two times a week to learn more about the business while developing my own curriculum for future years.


See yourself as glorified!