I would like to start this email with an inspiring quote or some other catchy line from this last week.

Sadly, my weeks are now filled with the local language, and any quote I can think to apply to this email would be in THE LOCAL LANGUAGE! I’m actually really excited about that 🙂

Many of you know, we recently held a one day retreat focused on purity and right relationships for our believers. Two people came, but the benefit it provided for us as practice in the local language far outweighed any disappointment I felt at the small numbers. For three of the speakers, it was their first time preaching all in the local language, I led worship for the first time all in the local language (including praying), and one of our local believers actually taught a section of the retreat! It was a very encouraging time for me because as I listened to the lessons being taught, I realized I could understand about 90% of what was being said. God definitely used that time to encourage me that I’m moving along in language study. Thank you to anyone who prayed for that retreat! God will definitely use the things that were taught.

In my role as a language studier, my life does not hold many exciting events, but I have come to realize the day to day things that God does truly amaze me. There have been SO MANY DAYS when I come to God on my knees saying “I can’t do this without you, please give me _____.” Many times that blank is energy, motivation, money, or some other daily, seemingly mundane need, but EVERY TIME, he comes through. This time of language study has been a great experience of learning how to truly rely on God every day. For everything. I know the lessons I have learned through this time will be absolutely essential when I begin stepping into different roles and seasons of my life.

Your sister in Him,



Please pray for:

-continued growth in language study for all who are here studying. Learning this language is vital to seeing our vision come about

-the believers here: that they would continue to be raised up as leaders. These people have so much potential!