I sat down across from the nerdy-looking student, one of us knowing that he was about to hear the greatest story ever told as he awaited his imitation McDonald’s in the school cafeteria.

As Kat and I began to chat with him and look for an opening for what we call a “bridge” to share the gospel, he seemed disinterested, but expressed a great interest in history, so there was my bridge. “You know what year this is?” Duh. “Well, do you know what happened in year 0000? Yep, all of history really has to do with the man Jesus.” (it’s HIStory!)

I proceeded to tell him with my still far-from-perfect language skills about creation, sin, justice, God’s love, the cross, new life. . . . and he proceeded, unaffected, to eat his meal. Before I had finished, he announced, “I have to go to class now,” and left.

As I watched him go, my heart broke for him. The enemy has this child living in spiritual blindness and numbness, not knowing about the Creator Savior, and not even caring to. We are utterly helpless in this situation, and can only cry out to the Holy Spirit to work on his heart and reveal the Father to him.

But reflecting on this later, I also have to give thanks, because every time this happens, I am reminded of the truth that everything, EVERYTHING, depends on the Lord and not on me (us), because God chose me to know Him and to have eternal life when I fall so short of deserving it, and because through this rejection I get a glimpse of the heart of a God who came and was rejected by many, but still loves unconditionally and offers forgiveness to all while pursuing lost sinners passionately. (sorry for the Pauline run-on;) I long for this student I hardly know to be reconciled with his Father because that’s what my Father’s heart longs for.

May He reveal His magnificent heart to each of you in new ways this week…


*Praise Him for a new sis here, 5 new believers in C-Town recently, and 11 from a Thanksgiving party in our city!!!


*Pray for the work here in K-Town – greater love for the lost, discipline to overcome distraction, protection and child-like faith for our Asian brothers and sisters, and soft prepared hearts this CHRISTmas season!


Love in Christ Jesus,