Hello everyone,
We have probably all heard that God is always working, even when we can’t see; yet we sometimes doubt this is true. Instead, we believe the lie our enemy will whisper, that in our bad situation God couldn’t possibly be here with us, right? We doubt him when we can’t see what He is doing in our lives.  Well, not to say I doubt God in everything, but sometimes I feel discouraged when I don’t see what He is doing, and when I can’t understand his purpose in some situations.
This past week I have seen behind the curtains of Asia. I have felt encouraged and moved. Now I see that what He promised is true, God really is always at work, and has a plan for us!
My roommate and I started a Bible Study Group! We had asked God who to invite. He gave us four names. These four girls we have shared with, and have been pouring into for the past two months now. All four of these beautiful girls have heard and said something along the lines of, “Wow you changed your view on life, but I would like to learn more about Jesus and who He is before I say yes.”  Or “can I go to a fellowship with you?”  My roommate and I were a little scared of how this Bible Study would go, but then we met with these girls and God move! They all connected really well, and we all had a blast! Right now we are working on finding a set time that we can meet, but we are sooo excited to see God move in this group of girls!

My roommate and I were also encouraged this week when we were off campus, going into the city for baking supplies. We went on the subway and saw one of our girls. We had an opportunity to just talk and have fun with her on the subway.  In the city, we ran into two of our other friends, who had just gotten part-time jobs in the city. We both felt God reminding us that, even though we might not be seeing tons of fruit, we are still making a difference, and that He is still doing work behind the curtains!!