Let me give you a few highlights from the past few weeks. I’m in Thailand (which means about 80-90 degree temp change;) at our annual retreat with all the CT as well as Target folks (most of these long-termers from our parent org work with UPG’s, or Unreached People Groups in Asia). It’s been an awesome time of reunion – actually Target’s 20th anniversary, praise the Lord! – where we worship, fellowship, receive some top-notch teachings, explore our host city, and seek the Lord for refreshment and renewed vision personally and for CT as a whole.

 So we had a BBQ the other night, and I was holding up a metal bin for my friend to scoop out the last of the tomato soup when suddenly the previously unseen flame contraption underneath rolled out onto the ground and before I knew what was happening, the tablecloth was on fire! We both kicked at it idiotically before someone with a little sense came with a glass of water and put it mostly out. What could have been disastrous was held in check by the Lord, and made me think of our mission statement:  “To ignite CPM’s (church planting movements) on every campus in C…” I guess it’s so embedded in me that I can’t help myself sometimes;)  To illustrate with an ongoing testimony……

 Many of you probably remember that last year when we were here, I took a bike ride down the road with two friends (one a Thai TM worker), and a woman who had a little shop, a daughter who was a Christian, and a prepared heart, received the gospe1 that she heard that day and prayed to accept Jesus as Savior. Well, of course we had to go back to see her this year, and found out that in the past year, she has been connected with a Thai church, and not only that, her husband has since become a believer too!!! Hallelujah! It reminded me of the verse, “be ready in season and out to give reason for the hope that is in you.” Every time we walk out the door (sometimes God even brings things right to our doorstep;) we, as carriers of His Presence, can ignite fires that burn for the kingdom of God.

Let His joy be your strength, 


ps. GO PACK!