This morning, I was given the incredible blessing of spending forty-five quality minutes with my sister (Nichole) and my three and a half month old niece (Jeannie). It was the first time I was able to Skype my sister in the past couple weeks, so I was more than excited to talk to her and to see how big Jeannie has grown. 

As my sister and I prepared to hang up from our video call, she said something very profound (although I didn’t quite understand it at the time). She was talking about how it was the first time we talked in a while and we really didn’t really talk about anything.  For forty five minutes, we stared at the baby, made baby noises, laughed at baby noises, tried to get the baby to smile, talked about baby poop, etc. It was incredible! I absolutely loved it!

Fast-forward an hour.  My team and I are having our weekly meeting. Clive begins praying, He shares about how I was excited to be spending time with and watching my little niece, and then relates that to the same way God feels for us (but enlarged times 5 million).  He talks about how God’s eye is on us, but not in some creepy, weird, and controlling type of way, but in the loving way of a father looking over his children with delight.  This is a concept that I’ve heard over and over again but it never penetrated my heart the way it did today. It’s because, today, I finally got to experience a tiny piece of that for the first time. 

As Nichole and I Skyped, we spent nearly an hour looking at the baby and discussing everything we love about her. As God watched over us, I know He is doing the same. He looks over us with love. He whispers destiny into our ears. He enjoys us! He sings us songs of love that we will never fully grasp on this side of eternity. He laughs when we laugh. It is His delight to focus all of His attention on us!

So Jeannie, thanks so much for teaching me about my God. I pray destiny over your life! God is going to use you to change this world!  He already has!

Bunches of Love,