I just have to share this testimony with you while it’s fresh like apple cider!

 So, starting with Genghua (the boy I told you about last time), I have felt God beginning to teach me obedience in a whole new way. The days have been filled with seemingly endless opportunities as my eyes are opening up wider to His purposes and powerr in every situation. . . . . . . Let me illustrate!

   We (the boys) have been talking about getting a juicer since before we came this year and have looked at them in several different stores here already. Whether it’s because they’re a little expensive or we just hadn’t found the “right one”, we had yet to partake of the fresh and healthy juice we craved. That is, until Sunday, when we exited the girls apt. from our weekly fellowship, and there at my feet were two boxes – one containing a bright green blender/juicer.
We all wondered what it was doing out there, and I felt Dad prompt me to find out. So I knocked on the neighbor’s door and someone yelled some muffled words from inside, but didn’t answer. I started talking to them through the door and sensed them telling me to get lost;))  Dad continued to urge me on, and even though my teemmates were embarrassed and leaving me behind, I stayed there until finally, a young man peaked out and I asked him why the boxes were out there. He told me it was garbage and that the juicer was broken. The Lord spoke to me, “Have faith; Ill make it work!”
   So I grabbed the box and we headed home, buying some apples on the way to bolster our faith. I felt doubt creeping in, however, and when we plugged it in and it didn’t so much as make a sound, I had all but given up. Still, we were led to lock in the blender and try once again, and what do you know?. . . .. … … . .. … . … . . . . . ……………………………………………………………………….Vroooooooooooeeeeeemmmmmm!!! Haha – Amazing!
   We laughed  as we excitedly cut apples and discussed why those poor folks had thrown this beautiful green machine in the trash, but in the end, it all comes down to God’s love and provision. He simply delighted to lay this gift at our feet (even when we hadn’t specifically asked Him for it;).
I think about the stolen bike, and how the two are almost exactly the same price. “HE gives and takes away.” Our place is to OBEY, always and simply (no matter how strange it may seem at the time;). I pray that you will obey His every word, as our Lord Jesus did, and in this experience the fullness of life He promises.
   Lots more exciting stuff happening here:
-sharing with Chnz students has increased
-everyone is showing incredible growth in language as well as spiritually
– we visited 3 other campuses over break and we really feel God’s going to be establshing CT in this city/region probably beginning next year!
   Thank you and please continue to lift us up as the attack has also been heavy recently. Key areas — unity, health, quality/unhurried time with God, humility, wisdom in sharing.
His best always,