I was meeting with my friend Steven; he is a philosophy major studying ancient Asian philosophy. Over dinner, we began to talk about his studies, which led to a discussion of his beliefs about man, and the way that the world works. He was very adamant that the people of Asia need a belief, something to provide a moral framework. However, the more we talked it became clear that for him Confucius’s teachings was the answer to the problems of this world, and that perhaps all religions were really the same. In the end when I had shared the Father’s perspective, he said, “I would like to discuss this with you again; I enjoy talking about these things.”

I felt, I think, something like Paul after Mars Hill when the only response was, “we would like to hear you again on this subject.” For some reason this event has stuck with me, even though we have many other friends, and many other meetings. I think that it was the fact that like the Athenians, my friend could be so aware of the need for something more to life (as I find that many of the students I meet with are), but in the end when the good news is presented only shrug and say that was a good discussion. The pain, that desire for my friend to become part of the family, that almost desperate awareness of his need has affected me in a way as never before.

Please pray for:

  • Staying healthy: everybody is feeling well now, but most everyone (especially the girls) have been sick at times over the past month and a half
  • Bible study: we started this past week, and we pray that it would impact and change lives
  • Our friends: that they would move from recognizing the need to understanding that God is the only answer