Earthquakes in the midwest?!

This week, we were astounded to hear from our relatives downstate (near Green Bay, WI) that they were awakened several nights in a row with loud explosion-like booming and shaking houses. The cause remained a mystery for days, and on the news you could sense people’s fright and confusion over the unknown. It reminded me that, as 1 Corinthians 13 says, we now see only in part, and that God is the one who reveals things to us in His timing and for His glory. Many times, we want to know things when we think we need to know them, but this only displays our lack of trust and our difficulty in living by faith, not by sight, which the Lord also urges us to do. If we knew everything all the time, life would require no faith, we would have no real free will, and, well, it just wouldn’t be any fun! 1 John also says that it’s by faith that we “overcome the world,” whether that be earthquakes or other disasters, personal trials, even death…

As I prepare to go back to Asia long-term, there are so many things I don’t know, so many things I would like answers to. But I truly praise my Heavenly Father that this causes me to seek Him all the more. I encourage you today to take the unknowns, the things that are testing your faith, and join me in laying them at His feet. Rejoice with me that though we don’t yet understand all things, God (who cannot lie) has given us the guarantee of so many amazing promises, sealed in His own blood. These promises are true, and give us freedom to walk as we should. May He increase our faith!

***Please pray for the following***

1) Love and unity to reign in the One world church. That God would continue to pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

2) Im embarking on about 2 months of sharing opportunities and support-raising which will take me first to Minneapolis and Eau Claire, WI this week, and out to NY in April. Please ask that I would be able to meet with everyone Im supposed to, that the Lord would move on individual hearts to be a part of the work in Asia, and for travel mercies (especially since I have had pretty bad back pain for about 3 weeks now).

3) That all of us would recapture the joy of our salvations (Luke 10:20), and live as though Christ will return in our lifetimes!