Universities in Asia, especially the prestigious ones like the ones where we work, are also prime tourist attractions. I would go so far as to say that education is now one of the greatest idols among the people here, and they love to come and in throngs and see the grand buildings, attend impressive lectures, and maybe size it up for themselves or a family member who is considering attending school there. This is the scene here, which is especially bustling because tomorrow, the new semester begins for the university’s three campuses (one mainly for freshman/sophomores, and one is a medical campus). Overall, there will be around 70,000 students making up our “field.” We can be sure, within that mix are wayside/pathways people, rocky soil people thorny soil people, and of course what we are seeking – good soil people!

We as a city (12 new workers and leadership team of 5, plus 3 folks studying the language full-time) have had such sweet times of fellowship, powerful and equipping times of training, and the excitement of adjusting to a new place, new food, new language/accent, etc. I have personally been amazed at His faithful, uplifting presence regardless of where we are or what we are doing. I am also filled with excitement because of the amazing things the Holy Ghost has been speaking to us . . .

I’m reminded of John 16 where Jesus is telling us about the role of the Holy Spirit. He tells us He will lead us into ALL truth by taking from what the Father has given to the S0n, and declare it to us – even things to come! (vs 12-15) This is what has been happening in our midst and I think we all realize that what’s going to take place this year is bigger than anything we can imagine. And it has already begun!

Collectively, we have shared the good news with over 20 people and seen 5 turn from their sin and receive Chr1st. Halleluiah! It’s only the beginning . . . each of these represents the potential beginning of a new church body!

So please be lifting up Cece, Alice, Coreen, Linda, Patrick, and _____ (He knows her name ;))

Please also be crying out with us for the male students of Asia – the church here is approximately 80% female!

Another crucial thing the Holy Spirit has been highlighting to us as crucial is UNITY for our workers as we grow together in grace, love, and obedience.

Thank you for being a part! In all things thankful,