We held our giant posters high and waved and cheered as soon as we spotted our team heading up the ramp. The other airplane passengers smiled at the spectacle we were making through the plexiglass wall, and probably wondered who on their plane was getting such an exuberant welcome.

But we had plenty of reason to cheer, because 15 young missionaries had returned from across the ocean after 9 months in Asia. They had sacrificed their time and put other plans on hold to give God this special season of their lives for a year of missions. And He made it well worth their while!

It was a powerful year of ministry – the team helped over 150 friends accept Christ, and several house churches were started among the Asian college students. It was encouraging to be with them for a weekend of Debrief after their return, and listen to their incredible stories from the year.

Four members of this team plan to transition to long-term ministry in Asia. This month they begin a 6-month internship in the USA to prepare to return to Asia for three or more years. Wesley will do some training with these new interns this summer to prepare them for returning to Asia long-term.

Wesley and I will continue to serve stateside for Campus Target to recruit and train new teams and provide administrative support for the current teams in Asia. We plan to take a short trip to Asia sometime this coming school year to stay connected with the ministry there.

Thank you for all your prayers, and for being part of what God is doing in Asia!