As I type this, I’m sitting in a hostel that is literally across the street from “the wall,” that is, the wall that encloses one of the oldest walled cities in the world. This is my third time in the former capital city of this country, but this time is probably the most special because there are about 20 of us long-term workers gathered here in a grand reunion.

We just completed 3 days of an awesome leadership training based on the book “Leadership Coaching” by Stolzfus. It was awesome because its all focused on unlocking the God-created potential and purpose in each individual through believing in them, listening, asking the right questions, and supporting them in the ways they decide Dad is leading them. At the end of that time, I was able to say honestly to our sister, who lead us in this, that “I will be a better leader because of this.” Thanks to God for this gift!

We are here for a few more days of meetings and fellowship, after which I will make a quick stop in C-town on my way down to my new home — K-town!

I’m so excited to get there for a number of reasons! Will you please lift me and my new teammates up for the moves/transitions, planning and preparation, decisions, visas, apartments, and of course, the students and campuses there?

Glory to God forever!