Like Paul going back to visit one of the cities he had planted a church were Sonny and I as we walked the streets of one of the largest cities in the world, GZ. It had been over six years since I landed there as part of the first team to bring the Good News to the tens of thousands of college students there. Now we wound our way through narrow, shaded alleys to the new site of their weekly gatherings – a small apt. with as of yet no chairs 😉 ~How sweet simple communion with Holy Spirit can be! [John 4:24] The eight in attendance were thankful to receive words from God through Sonny and I, and we were thankful to see this beautiful fruit from our labor of love. During the meeting, several young women who don’t believe yet were deeply impacted by their experience, and one young man rededicated his life to the LORD! 

I also was very blessed to see a couple other brothers who live there. Frank was someone I met my first week in Asia, and shared with him over my two years there, but he never quite received. A year or so after I left, he found some foreigners (who just happened to be CTers, hehe 😉 and said he was ready now, what must he do to be saved and have a relationship with Jesus Christ! Awesome!!!  Please pray for Frank, as he is recovering from two heart surgeries and was recently married to an unbeliever.

It was great to see HY (another early brother who gave me my Asian name!), his wife, and one-year-old son. They are solid in the faith, and HY is considering going back for a masters in painting… Ask that God would favor them and use them in great ways to reveal His salvation this generation.

Then Sonny and I headed to a nearby city (SZ), where we had an exciting opportunity to establish a new connection with a young church there. We sat down over dim-sum (delicious local breakfast) with the pastor and four young believers, and learned that they have a new vision to reach college students in their city. They had heard about our work, and are interested in receiving some training. They took us up to their new gathering place, which is under the cover of a music school – there’s even a secret cross that lights up on the front wall! As we prayed over these young followers, tears were being shed, and I felt so much love for them and so excited at what God has prepared for them.

And last but certainly not least, with our final two hours before flying out, Sonny had a friend, Stephen, from his first year in Asia, about 10 years ago, come out and meet us. Because at the time, Sonny did not speak the local language, and Stephen did not speak English, the gospel could not be communicated effectively. But this time. . . sitting in one of many KFCs in SZ, Sonny and I walked him through the greatest story words in any language could ever tell. He understood. He believed. He repented, received forgiveness and the Holy Spirit, and became a brother forever. Yeah!!! Please lift him up as his wife is pregnant again after losing their first child in a miscarriage. Ask that his whole household would be saved.

All in less than 3 days! Please join me in giving glory to the Father for all He is doing here!


*Please also lift up Climbing, who is in another province meeting with local believers and bringing some resources to village/minority people.


*We leave tomorrow for the X – our first “Calling Retreat,” where about 20 soon-to-be graduates will attend to learn and be challenged about missions, God’s heart for the nations, and their personal callings. My girlfriend, Rapunzel and I will accompany Climbing, Lucy, Liberty, Marco, Amanda and Simon.  I’m believing for at least two of them to return with vision to serve full-time, hopefully with CT!


You are amazing and I’m so thankful for each of you. Let us be one~