Today I would like to change things around a little bit. I would like to tell you more in detail who our sisters are, so you can help me pray more specifically for each one of them. It will also be a nice opportunity to learn a little more about them.

Sara – she is the first girl who said yes to God! She’s 27 years old and is a high school math teacher. God has given her such a grace to share with others! She is always telling her colleagues and friends about Jesus. During the February holiday (all of February) she will also have an opportunity to share with her family back home. Please help me ask God that her family would have open eyes and ears to the truth she is going to speak over them and that many can believe. We also want to ask God that Sara would be strengthened in the reading of the Bible during this time.

Lilly – She is almost a “granddaughter” of us. She is Sara’s colleague and she was the one who led her to the Lord. We meet each week with both of them to teach them more about the Bible. These last couple of weeks it has been very hard to connect with Lily because there’s always something she has to do the day we are supposed to meet. You can help us ask God that even though he haven’t really been able to teach her much, her faith would increase and not decrease. Also that she would be able to understand how important is to learn about God with others, and that she would start sharing with others the Good News.

Amily – Sara also brought Amily to one of our meetings! She works in a technology company and because she is always busy with work, we haven’t been able to meet with her regularly. This is also the reason why she doesn’t take much time to read the Bible or to talk to God. We are asking God that He would keep her faith growing

Laia – she is a college student. Her major is Spanish! We started teaching her in Spanish but after a few weeks we started realizing she probably understood less than we thought. She struggled with doubts at the beginning, then God spoke to her at one of our parties. However, the doubts have come back, and we think it is because she doesn’t understand a lot when we meet and she doesn’t feel comfortable telling us. Help me pray for her asking God that He would remind her of the things she has already learned and that she would feel the need to encounter Him on her own.

Rose – this girl is majoring in Russian! We haven’t been able to meet with her because we met her around the time of final tests so she was really busy and now she will go back home for the February holiday. We will be able to connect with her until March, which is when the new semester starts. Please ask God that he would remind her of what she has heard and that she would encounter him during this time where she has fewer responsibilities.

Okay, I want to make a short pause and explain some things about Asian culture: Asian people in general like to do things perfectly, so when they know they won’t have enough time to focus on something they prefer not to do it. This is also the case when it comes to faith. Some girls have said no to the message we share with them because they realize it requires certain effort or dedication they are not willing to give or don’t have the time to and not necessarily because they don’t believe. Help me pray about this too – that our sisters would understand that even a little time with Jesus is more valuable than not having any at all, and that there is always grace available for them when they don’t do everything right.

Now, concerning the February holiday: this year, this celebration will arrive a little later than usual; therefore, college students will have almost 2 months of holidays instead of one. If we don’t connect with our sisters or other friends now, we will have to wait until March. Ok, back to our sisters…

Danie – She just graduated from film school. She loves English and practices at least 2 hours a day. She has been struggling with doubt because her mom wasn’t very happy with the decision she made. We taught her about bapt¡sm and she said she wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment and hasn’t been in touch ever since. We want to ask God that He would bring peace to her heart and convince her again of the decision she has already made.

Stephanie – she is an English teacher for kids. She will get married soon so she went to her fiancé’s hometown to spend a few weeks there. This is why we haven’t been able to meet with her. We are asking God that her fiancé can become part of the family too and that we would have opportunities to connect with her and teach her more.

Eva – Eva works in a travel agency, she is learning Spanish on her own, and loves to travel. She was able to connect with other believers the very day she became our sister. She was very encouraged by that. We haven’t met with her after that time because she is either working or with her boyfriend. Let’s ask God that he would take the distractions away and that we would have opportunities to connect with her too.

Last but not least there is Sunny. She became a sister last week! She has shown a lot of interest in learning about God. Every time we meet with her she comes with questions. The thing is… she is only in town visiting her sister for a few weeks. We have been meeting with her more than usual so we can teach her as much as we can before she goes back to her hometown. We pray that she would find a solid community back home where she can grow in her knowledge of God.

I am very very grateful for each and every one of our sisters, even with the struggles. I have learned a little of what it is like to be a parent. Thanks for standing in the gap with me for these precious girls. They are also the fruits of your prayers. Any of them wouldn’t have listened about Him if it wasn’t for your support. Thank you for your faithfulness!