Good day, everyone! I’m really excited about letting you all know what’s been going on here in Asia the past few weeks. We started a 30 day 24/7 prayer and worship event among all of CT this past week, and it’s been amazing how God has been moving in so many areas and blowing us away by His power and favor. In November Jessica accepted Jesus and joined the family, and last semester she’d been too busy to join in a training group, which was definitely not ideal considering how crucial training groups are for fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual growth. We’d been hoping that she’d be able to somehow make time for it, and now she’s been able to join one! I’m so thankful and am really looking forward to seeing the new ways she’ll be challenged to grow. Since she’s joined the family, she’s been getting up at 6 am every morning to read the Bible, and her roommates have made fun of her for it. We’ve been praying for Jessica’s roommates, and this past weekend I saw God answer. I got to go to a concert with Jessica’s roommate, Monica, and Monica’s friend, Annie. When the band playing took a mid-concert break to get to know their audience, I got to share the Good News and help them understand who J-esus is and that He didn’t just die because “bad people killed Him”. When I finished telling them the whole story and asked if they wanted a relationship with Him, they thoughtfully declined but said that they were very interested in learning more. We prayed together and asked Dad to show Himself to us and help us see Him, and we also all prayed for each other for any other yprayer requests we had. It was so great to see them talking to God with earnest hearts of seeking Him. When we finished, the girls were so excited and exclaimed how they both felt so peaceful. Annie said quickly, “I am so happy. I can’t wait to learn more about Jesus, and I wish we could read the Bible right now!” When I told them that it was possible for us to do that, they were thrilled! We read through Luke 23 and 24, with them reading a verse in their language and then I would repeat it in English. When we had just begun reading, the band started playing again and we had to shout to be heard, but they finished before we finished reading the chapters. When we were done, I pointed out that the band was packing up and Annie and Monica were astonished about that. They had been so focused on reading the Book that they didn’t even notice the ruckus all around us! They really enjoyed it and their hearts were really moved, and Monica had been especially excited about studying more. She told me that we couldn’t wait to study the Bible with Jessica, and when she has any questions she could ask her and they could discuss it. It was so wonderful to hear Monica say that! We asked God to soften hearts, and He is doing just that! Please be praying that Monica and Annie would choose to join the family soon, and that they would keep their passion for studying God’s Word. Also, I would love it if Jessica would be able to lead Monica into the family. Thank for so much for keeping us in your prayers. Have a wonderful day!