Hello Family!

This time in Asia has passed so quickly! In less than seven weeks, I will be back home, mowing the lawn and drinking Arizona Iced Tea. I have loved my time over here so much, and I have learned so much! But I’m not done yet, I still have a lot to do.

Happy belated Easter by the way! I had a fantastic Easter Sunday, albeit rather unconventional. I have started teaching biweekly at an English school called BEAT and one of my classes fell on Easter, so I decided to share the Word with my class. As I got off the bus, I breathed in the fresh air of the first warm spring day we have had. While my friend Buzz and I walked to the school, we prayed that the God would use us to bring His Word to the students. We got to the school and I started telling the students about Easter, Jesus’ sacrifice, and the fact that we can receive this gift from Him. When I finished, my students were amazed and I made sure to get their contact information so we could stay in touch. This week and next I am making an effort to share a meal with all twenty-five of them! I have already had two successful meetings: one with a guy named Sunny, who wanted to think about the Word before he made the big decision; and another with a girl named Sophia, who, as a member of the national party, didn’t think the Word applied to her.

As I near the end of my trip, it’s easy to feel discouraged and not want to participate in God’s plans for Asia I have been feeling this very strongly the past few weeks. Please pray that I feel encouraged to finish strong.