Hello, friends and family! I’m really sorry about how few updates I’ve given in the past couple of months. Our schedules have looked completely different for a while. In late January we went on a retreat to Tland and we got back the night of February 4th, and then the next day we left on another flight for the spring festival.

The retreat in Tland was a great time of catching up with CT workers in other cities, as well as other Target Ministries workers. It was so encouraging to hear their stories of how God has shown his faithfulness in their ministry and also how He’s moved in their personal lives. It really helped refresh me through the understanding that all of us here in X-town aren’t isolated and working on this on our own, but that there are others serving whole-heartedly in Asia and that they’re also seeing fruit from their labor. We’re not alone in this. The Tland trip was especially enjoyable for me because I got to meet up and spend some time with two of my cousins! My one cousin is a long-term worker in Tland and she showed Pepper and I some of the more authentic Tland experiences, and was able to communicate for us since she’s fluent in the language. My other cousin is also a missionary, but he was in Tland for a retreat with his organization. I got to spend some time drinking iced tea with him and discussing ministry and what Dad’s been teaching us. I was so blessed to be able to connect with both of them.

Spring festival was a really unique experience. Some of my team members and I traveled with two of our Asian friends. We stayed for 11 days so that we could celebrate spring festival with the family as well as getting to stay for their wedding! Spring festival seemed to revolve largely around time spent with family and eating massive amounts of food. I ate some unusual things over that trip, including chicken head, pig feet, pig tongue, turtle, and squid. I passed on the cow stomach and chicken feet. 🙂 We also got to breathe some fresh mountain air and experience what village life is like.

When we got back from traveling, we went right into winter session, which included teachings, praying together, discussions about returning long-term, and recruiting. We also had more rest days over that time to reset ourselves and spend time with God in preparation for this new semester. School has just started back up, and so we’re just starting to get back into the swing of things. Please be praying for me that I would rely on God fully as I strive to do my best and give this my all for the last two and a half months of this trip. I’m excited to see how God moves through and in me for this last stretch. I am so thankful for each and every one of you and the ways that you’ve all supported me. Thank you!