There are many victories and many failures, but even in our foolishness, God gives grace. He turns our mistakes into teachable moments and realigns us on the right path when we start to stray. As long as we choose to follow Him with all our heart, He will do the rest. He is our peace and confirmation. He is our definite. In times of crisis and doubt, He shows Himself trustworthy. No matter how much doubt attacks me or the constant lie that is I am far from Him may come, I will choose to pursue Him and His people.

I want to be personal and share a weakness with you. All the years I have followed Christ, attack has also followed. This lie comes to tell me and make me feel that there is distance in my relationship with the Father. In three weeks time, two people were saved and three were baptized! After, the first thought that comes to my mind is, “You didn’t read your Bible this week or you’re not spending time with God.” I’ve been under a lot of attack lately. I know I spend regular time with God and that I do refresh myself in His word. I felt compelled to write this to do two things.

1. I ask for prayer personally as I feel it is a direct attack on me since lately there has been a lot of victory.

2. I also feel God is doing something and if there are others battling this, that I want to pray for you. As I have received a lot of healing and I know others will also be encouraged and reconfirmed in His love.

He brings breakthrough!

The awesome man that many have heard of… David, has decided to go into full-time ministry after he finishes school this year. He has a business plan from God that he wants to pursue in order to continue to share the good news with students. I will tell you more about it later.